Thursday, May 18, 2017

Promised Land at Yactac

Tomorrow evening, my show 'Promised Land' opens at the Yactac Gallery. I am so pleased to feature the work I made while in Israel/Palestine last year, as well as a very recent piece from my trip to Northern Ireland!

'Promised Land' is a body of work that was inspired by a collection of film canisters filled with sand and water from the Holy Land- inherited when my Great Grandmother passed away. I went on a pilgrimage to return the relics to their homeland last year. While researching dislocation and homecoming my curiosity was piqued on the negative effects of Nationalism and its contribution to division and disenfranchisement. The next step for my research took me to Northern Ireland, another land with a history of walls. In Northern Ireland flags seem to point to territorial aggression. I explore these regions looking for the scars that have healed.

If you don't make it to the gallery, maybe you will see one of these on the street... it's just so hard to plan a show within four walls.