Monday, July 28, 2014

Treasure Island

Another product of my residency in Alert Bay. I spent a lot of time looking for trade beads but instead I found these treasures. 

Alert Bay Collection, screenprinted on fabric, 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Residency - Part 2

Isn't it interesting how I could travel eight hours north to make 'new work' and still end up making something that floats? Someone has a one track mind... but I'm ok with that. All the items in this float house were scavenged from the dump or the beach. I love authentic materials. For the most part the float is sturdy. I'm making videos of it traveling along the coast, and today was windy so it capsized. Its in the shop being patched up. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Artist Residencies and other adventures

For the past week (and the next) I have been working away at an artist's residency in Alert Bay. First of all, you need to know that Alert Bay is the most beautiful place in British Columbia. It's on a tiny island off the northeast tip of Vancouver Island. The island is so small that I could probably walk from one end to the other in an hour. My days are spent combing the beaches for the ever elusive trade beads, bones and sea glass, talking with people and making art.

Last week I focused on abandoned structures. I am intrigued by all the empty buildings. Alert Bay used to be a booming fish town but quite a while ago the fish laws tightened up and people couldn't afford to sustain their commercial fishing boats. There's a whole section of the island that is boarded up; hotels, shipyards, cafes and houses.

Contrasting the 'ghost town' feel of some areas, is a vibrant community of people who look out for each other. Half of the island is municipality and the other half is a First Nations Reserve. This place is rich in history, culture and generosity (and I have never eaten so much salmon in a short amount of time!). 
My work has taken a turn with themes of 'migration', 'presence/absence' and 'home'. 

Sarah and I scavenging (what we do best)

My work space!

 Drawing in process...

Monday, July 7, 2014

Wax and Wane

Wax and Wane, beeswax, wick and plastic doves (embedded), 2 1/2'' x 5'', 2014

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Great Grandmas.

I grew up with both my Great Grandmothers within walking distance. Literally seconds away. Their memories are a strong influence in my artwork. The flowers correlate with their personalities and tastes. I just recently learnt how to print with linocuts. Multi-coloured prints are so HARD. The third image is a piece I worked on a few years ago, I pulled it out yesterday when I was going through my inventory. The bright fabrics were quilt scraps that G.G. worked with. It speaks to how some memories are so tangible; like her craft, while others; the sound of her voice, are harder to grasp.

G.G. at the table, linocut, 11'' x 16'' (image cropped), 2014

Granny at the table, linocut, 11'' x 16'' (image cropped), 2014

The Sound of Her Voice, textile and embroidery on handkerchief, 
 12'' x 12'', 2012