Thursday, May 8, 2014

When things don't work out

Most days I feel like I have a pretty good flow in the studio. I experiment and take risks in my art and it usually works (don't ask me how). I seem to have a good intuition when it comes to making instinctual artistic decisions. 

Today I tanked.

For the past two weeks I was painting liquid latex onto found objects so I could make glove molds for beeswax candle sculptures. It should be easy, right? Youtube lied.

List of wrongs:
-I almost started a fire melting wax in a fake pyrex dish in the microwave. The glass broke and I lost a good amount of wax because of the glass shards (beeswax is expensive!)
-I peeled the rubber mold off my objects too early. I should have painted at least two or three more layers
-I tore holes in the mold
-When I finally poured the hot wax in, it melted the rubber!!!

So no candles yet. Instead I made a very strange, mysterious sculpture out of the reject latex. I might show you pictures one day.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Homage to G.G.

My Norwegian Great Grandmother (G.G.) passed away when I was in my second year of university. I knew her well because I saw her every day for eight years of my life. The perks of living next door to your relatives. A lot of my artworks are inspired by memories of my childhood, and she was a huge part of that. G.G.'s faith was important to her. The only time I ever heard her speak Norwegian was when she prayed. As a third generation American, I know very little about my families history in the old country. This piece speaks of her fading voice and a language that I wish I had the time to unlock.  

Var Far (Our Father), hand-embroidery on handkerchief, 20''x 20'', 2014