Friday, February 25, 2011

Broken Ground

Coming up on March 18 I have a solo art show at the Inscape Gallery in Redmond, Washington. I am learning that being an artist in the post grad world is not that different from university. I still have deadlines-- and yes, I still procrastinate.

The series entitled 'Broken Ground' explores the tensions between addiction and healing. It isn't until one hits the lowest point that they are finally ready to contend for and receive freedom. It is also the ground, or the hard soil that must be broken in order to allow for new growth.

Humbly Asked, ink on mylar, 5'' x 3''

Fell Fallow, ink on mylar, 3''x2''

Loose Dark Earth, ink on mylar, 5''x3''

Sought After, ink on mylar, 5'' x 3''