Monday, March 13, 2017


It seems that my obsessive season of submitting to shows has finally paid off.

SHE-I-LA runs until March 31 so you have two weeks to go see. This is an incredible show with local Vancouver artists. The collaborative nature of this exhibit is reflective of the nurturing and community building that comes naturally for women. I am responsible for co-planning a discussion panel of local DTES involved artists, which will be held on March 25 from 2-4.

The Punch Gallery was formerly located near Pioneer Square in Seattle. I was in one of the very last exhibitions before they closed the doors. They now exist as a project based collective that seeks to create a visual dialogue between urban and rural communities. This two day show will be in Ellensburg, Washington. If you make it to the opening, please take pictures for me! My artwork will be available as a large print. I am thrilled to be reconnecting to my roots. I'm not from Central Washington but I grew up in a similar town that is two hours northeast of Ellensburg. My first solo show was also held in a barn almost a decade ago. Feels like home!

And for the very distant future, I have a solo show at Britannia Gallery for February 2018!