Saturday, July 17, 2010

The act of hanging a framed picture...

Two months of processing and I finally had a break-through today!!! I have admired the telephone poles in Fort Langley for a long time now. Their raw and unassuming presence is refreshing in such a "perfect" little town. When I experimented with stencils and frames last semester, I documented the work on a white wall in the studio. It looked good but there was something missing. I love how the contrast between the frame and the battered 'wall'. The frame is used to draw attention to the subject inside, it suggests that the image is worth being viewed. The irony in this piece lies in the lack of its invisibility. Usually street art becomes a part of its environment. Here it appears to be delicately placed.
Once I develop the piece I want to get several frames so I can do a public installation in the DTES. Frame donations are welcome!!

And the follow up from this project, hung on the streets of Vancouver: