Wednesday, May 2, 2018

End times

Last month I had a studio break-in. It was stressful but it came at a good time. It provided me a clean break from the old work so I can make new art for my October show. I'm currently embroidering words that I find on the street (written messages that people leave each other). We have an archaic communication system in the Downtown Eastside but it works. I am intrigued by how the personal and intimate details of someone's life are displayed for anyone who will notice. Some messages are funny or profane, others are tragic. Once in a while I come across street prophecies and bits of wisdom.

I work with Old English Font for a few reasons; nostalgic sentimentality and its over-use in tattoos and street brand clothing. My needle work goes on vintage handkerchiefs but I love the subtle connections with street culture.

Eazy E confirming my font choice. 

1 comment:

  1. East Van..
    In the midst of healing. .
    You meet people who are...
    In the midst of drugs and alcohol.
    Everyone on a different healing journey.
    Life is a journey. .
    Love the people
    Love the homeless. ..
    Love the working..
    Love one another. .
    East Van still healing and growing.
    Peace On Mother Earth. .
    A spiritual warrior on a mission for Love and healing. .
    Love'syou spiritual sister ❤