Saturday, January 28, 2012

The NYC Collection

A few months ago I posted a preview of the NYC Collection, work that I made while visiting New York City on an art trip. Here is the full installation view!!! With some details posted below...


  1. Awesome! I loved seeing part of your collection in TGS this morning. The art is always a surprise to me: I get to read the artist statements before we publish, but I always wait to see the actual artwork. And randomly, do you know where that "R" that's on the train piece comes from? I saw it and totally recognized it from Timothy Keller's podcasts. It's the logo for his church:

    1. Hi Linette- Thanks for the words! Yeah, I went to Redeemer one sunday so I appropriated some things from the Bulletin.

  2. pretty kool, i still have the b-day present u gave me!!!